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FISHWITCH - Animated Short -  Dolby 5.1



My role: Sound Designer and Re-recording Mixer






MPSE Golden Reel Verna Fields Award - 2017


Dolby Award for Best Sound - 2016




Tootega is a witch who ekes out an isolated existence on an iceberg adrift in the ocean. It's a miserable lot, and in Tootega's case, misery hates company!

Derek is a merman - more fish than man really - who spends his days joyously rollicking around the ocean, oblivious to the fact that his dreadful singing is the very reason he remains friendless.

FISHWITCH is the story of what happens when these two unlikely characters come together, as Derek begins to unlock the painful secret Tootega has kept hidden for a long, long time...



Directed by: Adrienne Dowling



Natalia Tena - Tootega

Sam Apley - Derek 

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